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why is there no full screen

unable to load....

The game requires WebGL 2.0. Google chrome should work.

a fast paced clicker game good for a small time sink.

i got 152,468

hey can you make a version that is longer than 5 minutes maybe a freemode after you get a certain score so you can unlock everything?

Will think about that. 10 minutes could work :)


Pretty nice game. Beating the score is very motivating and the music/graphics are really appealing.

Well... I probably won't get higher score than that :))

Yes there is a bug :D Fix should be here in 3 minutes.

Post your scores below ! Mine is 630M :)


In the newest version I did maximum of 100Mb. There were few bugs in the previous build.

Deleted 6 years ago

100% fake

Great game, very addictive, I KNOW i can beat my high score, just need one more go.... I hope you don't mind but i did a lets play video about it

I love the game but found a critical error.  after playing one game and I start another one without restarting, I cant build a clicker and I actually end up going into the negative numbers without building any clicker dudes....freaky.

Thanks for the feedback. Will check it out and fix ASAP.

It's probably fixed now :)