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To celebrate 1st year anniversary of Beat Saber release on PC we are bringing you one of the very early builds of the game for free. This build represents the game which was only one month in development and had just one temporary song. Everything is a little bit rough around the edges, but the core is there and the game is playable.

- This is not a full version of Beat Saber or a demo.
- Beat Saber Origin works only on SteamVR and there is no UI menu.
- There might be bugs.
- If you want to check the full game please visit www.beatsaber.com.

Rated 2.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorHyperbolic Magnetism
Tagssabers, Virtual Reality (VR)


Beat Saber Old Build.zip 21 MB


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Can you create this for quest 1,2


arent you the ones trying to illegally download this you shouldnt put it out like this guy is the bad guy you guys are doing something bad too


this is actually the creator of beatsaber

This is not a demo or a release and as AsherIr23 said this is the creator of beat saber

hyperbolic made beatsaber

? Arent these the guys who made the game?


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you are right ... auto beat saber moment

use it on steam vr dumbo


make sure u download it from itch io on BROWSER

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did not work

congrats ...

wow who  would have thought


wow the old beat saber was really different and btw if it osent work u have to download it off the website not the app

it accualy did not work nice job 

you have to download it from the browser for some reason


Can you mod this version of Beat Saber? I was just wondering if you could. Please, at least I want an answer from somebody.




uh eu uh uh uhreeeeeeeeee


no subas cochinada bato

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i hope this is ligit before i download cause i really looking forward to this and no ones said a comment in around 150 days

it worked 

and im happy i wish i could git the full game



Great game, one of my favorite for sure. And so much polishes since this early version (this one remembers me an early build I had the chance to test at Unite Europe 2016 ;) ) ! I would also appreciate feedback from an early build of a petanque (i.e french boule game) multiplayer simulator available here https://vrforfunandnoprofit.itch.io/petanquevr

if some of you are interested in testing it !


Its a huge hit for vr.I dont own the game myself but did download and play this free item.Jesus God's Son died for you,He is alive!

this game is so brilliantly simple, but has room for creativity and I appreciate that


I just finished my first year of university, Beat Saber is what kept me going when things were tough. Thanks for a fantastic year, I hope there are many more to come!

looks good!

Thank you for sharing - a good stuff ++

Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing :D